New look, new post

I left blogging for a while. There are so many reasons that may sound more like excuses: My children needed me. I needed to find myself in a new place. The words weren’t forthcoming. All are true, and there are remedies for all of them.

Why am I here, now? The words. My children are older and they still need me, but I have a bit more time where they will occupy themselves. The words keep rattling around in my head, and my fingers have been itchy for a keyboard.

So many things to discuss. My mom died. I want to talk about it, and I think I probably need to talk about it. Well, write about it. I’ve talked about it since it happened. Death changes things; it changes the living. Those changes have been difficult to grasp, and surprising. What else? My kids, of course. Two-and-a-half and six-and-a-half are fun ages with great inspiration for storytelling. And, of course, this city which I have grown to adore and this house which makes me so glad I don’t own it while also making me so appreciative for the opportunity to live in it.

Want to come along for the ride, again? Ok. Strap in. I’m still sideways and a little off center, I promise. I haven’t lost my sense of humor. I’ve gained a bit more tarnish and a few more cracks in my armor, though.


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